Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Pleasuremode are delighted to announce the first EP, from label owners Chris Page and Dave Senan under their Ceren and Senator monikers respectively.


1). Ceren - Forevision
2). Ceren - Responder
3). Senator - Thats It

The EP includes a track each from Ceren and from Senator. Also included is an additional bonus track, "Forevision" as a gift - so long as you give us your address for the mailing list that we promise we will only use sparingly!
(it would be best to give the address you use for music or promos as we are only going to use it to notify you of new releases, absolutely NO bullshit asking you to vote for us in any shitty polls or whatnot)

We are releasing this digitally and are only releasing it on Bandcamp as it is straightforward and hassle free for both us and you. We will continue to do it this way for the foreseeable future. No silly promo and fancy ribbons, all we are looking for is great music unfettered by trends or commercial gains. A good song doesnt need to be any of these things, and most songs that are, are not really that good.


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